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  • Continuous R&D for Advanced Die-Technology
  • Materials analysis technology
  • Engineering technology
  • Die technology
Project Name Project Period Commercialization
3D BLOCK It’s the system that reviews a mold’s design coordination and shortens the plans based on 3D design model. In progress
Development of complex mold process control technology It makes the large electronic equipment’s corner processing technology more efficient and supports the improvement of productivity. Commercialization
Development of production schedule management MES(Manufacturing Execution System) : Through the security and sharing of production information’s reliability and information by process and real-time management, it improves the efficiency of business operation and maintains the optimized operational management. Development completion in progress
(Smart Factory Business)
Development of multiple-stage vending equipment After predicting the spring back quantity in advance, it’s a multiple-stage vending equipment that molds the product with smaller measurement than the actual product’s design dimension to match with the product’s design measurement after recovering the elasticity. License Registration
Development of product life cycle management (PLM: Product Lifecycle Management/SCM:Supply Chain Management) : Develop production processes that consistently manage the entire process from product design chart to final product production to increase product value added and reduce cost.
(In 3D, 2D Drawing Automatic Transformation System is established/Integrated with Partner Drawing Automated Distribution Progress Management System)
Development completion in progress
(Smart Factory Business)
Protective film peeling system of press mold half-finished product To protect the surface of press mold half-finished product, it strongly seals with a coated film during the process of complex multiple process. Peeling machine device is developed to decrease the excessive human/time waste and defect rate. Under development
(Reform R&D project)